WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date error
Undeleted Chrome Add-in issues

Hello friends.

”WARNING! Your Flash Player may be out of date ve. There are many users who have recently experienced this issue. Most of the friends connected to the computer and solved the problem I told many.

Today I will tell you about my transactions and help you get rid of this problem.

First of all, we disconnect the modem from the computer and ”reset the modem from the reset button on the back of the modem”, then re-install it and do not forget to change the modem’s default modem login password. We do not connect the modem to the computer until you have finished scanning the computer.

After trying the following programs, we continue the steps.

1- Download Adwcleaner program, right-click on the program and run it as administrator. We scan from the opened program and clear the results we say.

2 -Select the appropriate version for your system and download it to your computer.

It does not need any installation. After opening the program, a very simple interface welcomes us. We continue the process by saying Forward from below.

After saying İleri No, I want to scan this computer only once ”, we start the scan. After the scanning process, we will see how suspicious files appear and they will have options like delete or quarantine. Start the deletion by saying ignore your important files.

3-We install Malwarebytes virus program. Then, we get the full version of the program with the license numbers we found on the net. By clicking on the Custom scan option from the interface of the program, select all the options and say scan. After the scanning process, we delete all the virus and regedit worms that we encounter and continue from the following process.


The following actions are described for Google Chrome only. However, this Flash player warning is no longer relevant to Browsers. Completely due to security vulnerabilities in modems in all browsers, even in zero-installed computers, even error can give. So the role of the scanners here doesn’t matter, but I’m going to tell you about the scanner I’m using. At least the method here will be the solution for non-deleted Chrome Plugins.

First, we enter ”C: \ Users \ your user name \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default” folder and delete the files in the folders I have shown below. In addition, Profile 1 can be in folders such as Profile 2, we delete files inside them, and you can even delete folders.

In the same way, C: \ Program Files \ Google \ Chrome \ Application \ folder, which is your current version number, enter it and delete the contents of these folders.


Finally, we open Google Chrome, enter the settings and advanced settings option, Reset browser settings, we say the warning is ok to close the browser. We then reopen the browser, log out of your Google account, reset the browser settings again, and then close the browser again.

At the end of all these operations, we open our browser and get rid of this warning.

Note 1: Do not check the ”Apps and Extensions ucuk boxes when you log in with your Google account. Do not sync these options with Google Chrome. At least until the time you format 

Note 2: Described based on Windows 8. The folders in which Google Chrome is located may vary depending on the operating system you are using.

Unlike the above operations, we will also perform the following steps. Strongly recommended.
Now, aside from all these operations, what we will do now is a different event friends .. Normally, the problem is corrected when the above process, but it happens again after a while. The reason for this is that a file is stored in the folders of the fingerprint reader called HP’s Simplepass. I have solved this problem as a result of long efforts on a friend’s computer.

Search for the following application ID ”aepeildmfnnehghlknddebgjghlompfe kullanarak using the regedit CTRL – F combination. Also search for this application ID ”nmmhkkegccagdldgiimedpiccmgmieda”. They’il probably both come out in the same place.

Regeditte should come across such a screen, we delete all application IDs here. You can even delete Google complete there.

Then, if your computer is Hp, we find the Hp SimplePass folder in Program Files and delete the selected file.

After all this, we delete all the files in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder.

Finally, we repeat the steps I explained at the top, reset Google Chrome’s browser settings and restart the computer.

and dns settings – do not forget to set.