All Android users from time to time this problem I have experienced today (14.06.2012) .. I’ve installed Winamp on my phone and opened a music that the phone was locked and turned off when I encountered this problem.

After a long research on the Internet, I will tell you a method that I have tried and solved all at once. You don’t need to install any programs, but like every phone, your programs are corrupted. This is not related to the method we will do, when this problem occurs programs are already corrupted .. Let’s go to solution without further extension.1. Uninstalling Facebook Application

  1. Go to Settings / Applications / All Apps / Contact Storage and clear the cache and data, and the problem disappears immediately.

Apart from this method, please also try them

Solution 1

1) After you receive the error, try to use your phone in English and not in Turkish. I’ve seen it usually improve.
2) Erase the cache of your applications and turn your phone off and on.
3) After updating the application I heard that some phones have received this error reset your phone to destroy your phone updates, delete everything inside the subject of course, then start using and do not update.
4) If you have thrown different roms before and loaded other roms, this problem may arise due to software conflicts. Reinstall your software so discard the original rum again.
5) If this problem occurs when you insert your SD Card, format your SD card on your computer.
6) Do not reinstall any applications you have backed up when you format them.
7) Discard your phone’s original software; for sony: update service, for samsung: kies etc ..

Solution 2

Clear the app cache: From the
home screen, press the Menu key.
Go to Manage Applications> Settings> Applications.
Tap all.
Select apps if you are having problems: for
Android.process.acore, select the Contacts option storage.
For Android.process.mms, select Messages.
Select Download Manager or Download for
Choose TWLauncher for TWlauncher process
Tap Clear data and Clear cache.

Solution 3

All Applications – – Media Storage – Off (if on) – Forced Shutdown – Open.
Open and close. Forced Close and Reopen –

Restart the phone.

I hope there has been a solution.
Note: It is important that friends who experience this problem recently try this method.
Let them remove the latest update from their phone. Especially if you have done HOTMAIL update, remove the update from the system, or clear the hotmail data and cache. This method of cleaning is the same as the method 2 described in red.

Have a nice day.