Today, I come to my mind and eat my computer nova.rambler.ru from the ad viruses, how to remove without further ado talk.

First, we scan our computer with AdwCleaner just in case, and we clean the results.

Click the Download  Now button.

Once the scan is complete, we’re checking to see if there’s anything unusual in our search settings in Chrome. If there is.

We write the following code to the address line and check the search engines that appear and make only the google default and delete the others.

chrome: // settings / searchengines

We do as follows

After all these processes, we check the plugins in our browser. We’re checking to see if there’s a plug-in installed beyond our control? None will appear  but actually there is. There is a small ad virus plug-in that doesn’t appear there, but it redirects our search when we search.

After we check here, we move on to the next step.

After finishing this process, we need to go to the folder where Chrome s files are stored. For this reason, the situation in each operating system may be slightly different. I’ll show you through it because I’m using Windows 10. But in windows 8 or 7 the situation will not be much different.

C: \ Users \ your own username \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default

After entering the folder mentioned above, we will have 3 folders to check below.

Of these, respectively

2-Local Storage
3-Sync Extension Settings

1. We check the inside of our folder, and as shown below, there are 2 add-ons except for my add-ons. (Ciliary)

2. We check the inside of our folder and here we see that there is only one of the ones we delete. (Ciliary)

3. We check our folder and the ID of the plugin we use here is the ID number of the plugin we identified as ad virus. We delete the ad virus. (Chrome must be turned off)

At the end of all these operations, we open and control our browser.