After installing Windows 7 on Lenova G50-70 models, software is required to turn on the Wi-fi module. Some laptop manufacturers do this with a key function. Some manufacturers do this software.

Hardware-built Wi-Fi switches are easier to open after format is discarded. To do so, you need to install the Wi-Fi driver and turn the corresponding Wifi key on the corner of the laptop.

Wi-Fi switches can be more complicated. Example The Wi-Fi module will not be active even if you have installed the Wi-Fi driver on a machine where you have installed Windows 7. Since there is no Wifi key, it will take long efforts to turn it on.

Unfortunately, the Lenova G50-70 series has the same problem. Wifi does not activate after installing Windows 7 on G50-70 20351 model series. To do this, you need to perform the following operation.


Download and install the Wi-Fi driver from the respective model’s website. Then download the Lenovo Energy Manager file and install it on your computer. Restart the computer after the setup process is finished. After pressing FN + F7 on the computer that opens, a window will appear as below. Here you can activate any device

wifi energy management.JPG