Samsung’s newest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, was announced just one month before the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, and was one of the main competitors of Apple’s latest iPhone devices. Both have three lens camera settings, so we compare the camera quality of the iPhone 11 Pro Max with the Galaxy Note 10+ camera quality

There are 3 cameras on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. These include 12mp Wide angle, 12mp Ultra wide angle and 12mp Telephoto lenses. 

On the Samsung side, the 3 rear cameras greet us. Although there are the same lenses as Apple’s rear cameras, the 16MP Ultra Wide Angle welcomes us on the Samsung side.

As for picture quality, both of these cameras take great pictures. Of course, these will vary depending on your personal shooting conditions. However, there are some differences to be aware of. . This is the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Although both pictures were taken under the same lighting conditions and settings, the colors taken with the Galaxy Note 10+ are overexposed and very saturated. On the other hand, in the photo taken with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the colors are much more natural and reflect the reality. This is a problem that Samsung has not been able to solve for years. He may think that by getting too much sharpness, excessive saturation and exposure, better results can be achieved 🙂

While the Galaxy Note 10+ has an ultra wide angle camera higher than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, that doesn’t mean it can take better pictures. The quality may be the same between the two devices, but the colors are more accurate, the exposure is more accurate and the color and contrast ratio is more even in the pictures taken with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone 11 Pro Max’s ultra wide-angle sensor unfortunately doesn’t have some of the features of Samsung’s Ultra Wide-angle sensor, such as a lower aperture, a larger sensor, and optical image stabilization

Note Both 10+ and 11 Pro Max feature night mode for Night shot. Over-exposure of the Galaxy Note 10+ may in some cases result in brighter night shots, and you may not always like it. However, the Night mode on the iPhone 11 is designed to make photos look like they were taken at night, and that’s where Apple is perfect.

I have to say that the portrait is good on both devices. But as you may notice, Samsung’s colors are far from natural.

When it comes to video, both devices can shoot impressive 4K at a rate of 60 frames per second, but with 11 Pro Max you get better results without having to enter video settings.

However, the colors of the Galaxy Note 10 + are more saturated and provide a richer look. It can also be preferred for those who love exaggerated colors. On the other hand, the colors of the iPhone 11 Pro Max are more natural and the exposure is more accurate, and the color and contrast balance are more even.