The Hacker 34 YouTube channel released its concept video for iOS 14. The new call interface is particularly striking in the video, which reflects the wishes of iOS users.

Apple’s new iOS 13 update brought a number of crowd-pleasing features, including a new Dark Mode and redesigned Volume HUD.

But Apple isn’t done improving its mobile operating system. And while we don’t know what iOS 14 will look like, YouTube channel The Hacker 34 has created a video concept that shows off a slew of possible exciting new features.

Apple, the  new iOS operating iOS 13 was released last September. Apple, along with iOS 13,   introduced a number of new features such as dark mode to iPhone users. However, for iPhone owners, this was not enough, they want other features and improvements in the operating system. 

Apple’s next operating system for iPhones to offer users   is likely to be iOS 14 . There is no information about iOS 14 yet. Although we don’t know what the iOS 14 will look like, the Hacker 34 YouTube channel has revealed a video concept showing a number of new features that are expected to come to iOS 14. The Hacker 34 YouTube channel  features the features that  iPhone users want most.

ios 14

The  most striking feature in the i OS 14 concept video is the new  call interface, which  does not cover the entire screen . The video shows a window descending from the top of the screen for an incoming call. Thanks to this feature in the new versions of Android users’ transactions, an incoming call is not interrupted.

Another feature in the concept video on The Hacker 34 is how split screen and drag and drop  will look on iPhones. These features are currently available on iPadOS. However, iPhone users want this feature to their own phone. 

ios 14

The iOS 14 concept video also shows   multiple user support for iOS . With this feature, users  can easily switch between multiple  Apple ID accounts. This feature has long been desirable for iPads as well as iPhones.