As you know, advertising viruses and spam on Facebook has become endless. When this is the case, unconscious facebook users, or rather internet users are not only victims of these viruses, but also play a major role in spreading.

People who have never been infected with these viruses may have infected themselves from the files they have downloaded from the Internet. And then give your hand Facebook spam :))

Today I will tell you the solution of this. I have looked at many places on the Internet, there is no smooth and detailed narrative, so I decided to tell you this, I hope you will get a positive result from the process you apply after this issue.

If it is a definite solution “c:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default” folder, you will move or delete the contents of the folder I have shown below. We also delete the files in the extension folder and delete them in the default folder from Program Files. This solution will allow you to enter the plug-ins page in Google Chrome.

Then we open Internet Explorer and log in to Facebook and open Account Settings.

After opening, click on the left-hand headline Applications author. “

In the page that opens, if you have a large number of applications, click Göster Show All bulun to find the Youtube application. Then hover over the mouse and press the “x yanında sign next to it to remove the application’s access permission.

That’s all, your wall will be gone with all the shared spam. Not only do you uninstall the youtube application, but you also remove applications that catch your attention and never use them.

Note: For those who do not want to read long, I will write the operations in order, but it will be in your best interest.

Sign in with Facebook> Account Settings> Applications> Uninstall apps like Youtube> Mark inside the alerts and click OK.
I hope you’ve done what I’ve told you and you’ve reached a solution.

Have a nice day.